Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Goody Bags for Teachers

It is that time of year- what do I get my child's teacher? I played around on blogs and Pinterest this year and merged a couple of different ideas into these cute summer goody bags with meaningful tags. 

Abby had 3 teachers this year- two leads and an assistant. So, we made three personalized bags for them. These are inexpensive canvas bags from Hobby Lobby. Abby and I jointly decorated them with craft paint, blue painter's tape and stencils. We used the end of the paintbrush for the dots.

Inside the bags, I bought summer goodies that I thought they would like and really use. These women are such family and God-driven women. I knew Starbucks was too frivolous for them and that they would be spending the summer with their own children, hopefully at the pool!

I wanted to tie the gifts in with the wonderful job they did this school year with Abby. So, we tied tags on each gift playing with the spirit of the gift and the classroom.

My sweet sister owns a Cricket and mailed me a vinyl letter for their carafes. I then filled them with packets to make lemonade.

I have a very affectionate child and I am so grateful they gave her hugs and provided a safe and loving environment for her to grow in.

This tag could be the extra mile in so many different things.... 

I like this gift because it is useful, personal and inexpensive. I think I spent around $20 on each bag.

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