Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Creative Valentine Cards & Candy Alternatives

I love Valentine's Day and the sweet little notes my 5 year old exchanges with her friends. But, having a child with a severe peanut allergy and a sweet tooth, I don't like all the candy she tries to consume that day. So, I looked around for some alternatives to a boxed card and chocolate candy. Here are my top five favorites:

Funky Polkadot Giraffe used a squeeze pouch of applesauce with a little "love" note. These are great for preschoolers because kids and Moms love them!

I love the idea of giving something other than food! We gave out balls just like this to kick off summer last year and kids loved them! Great idea Crafting Chicks!

There is something so soft and sweet about these little bear hugs. They are perfect for little bittys to exchange at school.

Goldfish are always a big hit in my house! We did goldfish carrot sticks two years ago, but I've never thought of a clever way to give them out at Valentine's Day. Using o'fish'ally as the cute word makes these easy to give out for most any holiday!

I love pixie sticks! They are a classic childhood candy! I love these tied together with a little washi tape from Etsy. You could also tie in pixie dust or Izzy from Jake & the Neverland Pirates on these. 

Don't forget the teachers today! I know class parties are stressful days for them and always try and bring them seasonal goodies, too! My favorite valentine gift for teachers- a really sweet candle. This year I bought Red Velvet Cupcake and Sweet Spun Sugar from Target.

Happy Crafting!