Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grateful- Week Seven

So many little things to be grateful for- it is the little things like these 7 pictures that make me smile everyday. See more grateful posts here

We went to a princess party on Saturday and I am so grateful Abby got to see these cute girls. They have been friends since the church nursery and always have fun together.

These are my people and I'm grateful they are mine. They both make me laugh, challenge me, and bring out the best and worst in me.... sometimes in the same hour!

I am grateful for iced tea. I don't drink much soda or juice and I hate water. I don't know what I'd do without access to tea. I love that sweet tea is available lots of places now and that I can grab a large tea and enjoy it all day long. Plus, zero calories is a good thing!

I will be at a work function for a few days this week and I'm grateful to have stocked up on healthy snacks! I am always so tempted by the large cookies on the afternoon break and hope these yummtytreats help curb that. A 400 calorie cookie is no bueno for a beach vacation this summer!

I am grateful we learned on Friday this girl is not allergic to tree nuts. She is still highly allergic to peanuts, but it is nice to knock all those other yummy nuts off the list.

I forgot to take a picture so I used a throwback one on Thursday- I am grateful for a few hours with my cousin. We live 30 minutes apart but never can get together. She has four children and between homeschooling and other duties, we can't make it work. But, Thursday we had lunch together and let the kids play/nap. Perfect little play date for Abby and I.

I am always grateful for lunch with these girls! They are my lunch bunch group and at one point we were all in similar jobs. Four years later we have added people, lost people, seen promotions, and job changes, but we've stayed lunch bunch buddies. They remind me I still have a career albeit part time right now. 

Life is good and I'm really grateful for the people in it.