Sunday, February 27, 2011


Isn't this the most beautiful banner? I ordered her off etsy from one of my favorite sellers- I can't wait to have my hands on her!
This banner is the jumping off point for a shower I am hosting in April. It is the weekend after Easter, so we are looking at a shabby chic shower of flowers, rabbits, birdhouses, and lots of milk glass! I can't wait!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Foot Fetish: Comfy and Cute, take 1

While shopping in Fredericksburg, my sister and I both fell in love with the comfort of Allergria shoes. We didn't buy a pair there because they are a little pricey and it would have put a halt to the rest of the shopping; however, I have since bought a pair (love you Zappos) and they are super comfy! Perfect shoes for working an event or my upcoming vacation in Savannah. They have excellent arch support!
Check out all the cute styles here! I love the gray paisley print.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day 2011

After getting our 2010 scrapbook in the mail, I am even more motivated to keep up with our daily life for my 2011 scrapbook. We had a snow day earlier this month and I captured the day.
These pictures were edited using Picnik. I made them black and white and then pulled it back a little to give soft color, used cross process and then the white "fuzz" around the edges is called matte.
Since we are in Texas and snow is rare, it was only Abby Lu's 2nd snowday and the most fun!

Digital elements from A Frosty Christmas and New Beginnings at Sweet Shoppe Designs

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring and Summer Bedding

This is my bed- or the queen-sized version of it. We upgraded to the King size last year and I bought the same bedding. I love this bedding, but I also want a change. I want something lighter for the Spring and Summer.
My girlfriend Katy recently asked me to be her personal shopper and find her a new comforter. She gave me her preferences and off I went. Only, I found me a new comforter and she is still searching. Bad Anna. We both agreed this bedding was SO me! I love it!
I discussed it with my husband and we agreed we don't need it, so I have a personal goal to reach before I can put this on the bed. I ordered it already (it went on sale!), but it will sit in the box for a more weeks or a month until I can pull it out and use it!
I purchased the Duvet cover and will put it over my existing black and tan comforter and keep it folded at the bed as I do now. I think this will really pop with my red and white checkered quilt. I bought a few throw pillows as well. My only other addition will be new valences for Spring. I plan to find a simple fabric and make those with my Mom.

Stay tuned- new bedding on my bed and what my personal goal is to come!

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Jewelry for my Home

Knobs! I have had new knobs on the home to-do list for over a year. While having lunch with a girlfriend a few weeks ago, she showed me the new knobs she planned to install and I loved them. It reminded me that I needed to get on my own knob project. I had so many excuses- what if I mess up? We don't really need them? Do I want silver or oil rubbed bronze? This kitchen is going to cost me a fortune.

Last weekend my husband and I went to Home Depot to look and walked out of there with 46 kitchen jewels and 10 master bath jewels. Oh, and this life saving template! I did all of the knobs in the kitchen while my daughter napped. The template made is so easy! Cleaning up the dust and recharging the cordless drill battery took the most time.

I went with an oil-rubbed bronze in the kitchen. I goes well with the black appliances in there. Now, I am onto the pot rack!
The master bath needed a brushed silver and these pulls sold me first! Look at how they mimic my existing light fixtures. Perfection! I added simple silver round knobs to the bathroom doors.
I couldn't leave Miss Abby Lu out- she got her own crystal knobs (silver instead of gold) from Anthropologie the next day. Since her bathroom is small and only required 6 knobs I was able to splurge!
If you are looking for an easy addition to your kitchen or bath, just do it! Add knobs and be sure to buy the template- it is a life saver!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Foot Fetish: Hottest Shoe of the Season

Oh you think I am kidding- try to find a pair of Yo Gabba Gabba Vans in my daughter's size range! I have been hunting for these for weeks. I can find them in bigger sizes, but who knows when she'll be a size 9 (she is a 6 now) and if at that point Yo Gabba Gabba will be for babies!
I found her size in these Foofa shoes from a surf shop in California, but the shoe markup (since it is a small store) and shipping made them a pricey purchase for a kids rubber shoe! So, I passed on them and kept searching!
Lo and behold, my beloved Zappos restocked and have Toodee in a size 7. Well, they did. I bought the last pair.
My daughter will be over the moon excited to have Toodee on her feet. Let's pray she allows Toodee to come off her feet for church :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Goals for 2011

I saw a blogger at the beginning of the year talk about her goals for her home (in a DIY sense) and it got me to thinking about what I want to do to our home in 2011. Hardwood floors has always been the goal and now that it is accomplished, I'm excited to move onto a few more projects.

The first one and super easy one was just accomplished this month. I love this light fixture from Lowe's, but we have a perfectly fine dining room chandelier that matches the entry lighting and I can't justify changing out all three. So, I am took ours down and painted it black. If I totally screwed it up, I'd have bought this one!
I have always loved the comfortable lived in feeling a pot rack gives a kitchen and I'm ready to pick one out! I don't have a clue what size, shape or finish I want, but I'll figure it out in the next few months. We have a nice sized island in the kitchen which is perfect for hanging this above. But first, I need to install knobs on my cabinet doors- that will give me a finish direction. Do I want brushed silver or oil rubbed bronze?
The next two projects will be later in the year- they take more time, work and money! I want a few of my existing cabinet doors to be refinished with a glass window pane front. I have simple white dishes and clear glasses, so the insides are clean and ready to be displayed. I just love the look!
Finally, the big one that will come after my annual bonus, I want to extend out small existing concrete patio into something bigger! I want to stain the concrete and purchase comfortable outdoor seating. With a 2 year old, we spend a lot more time outside than we used to and as she gets more independent we'll want to be with her, but not have to constantly be beside her. Plus, we are discussing a trampoline for her 3rd birthday and that means more fun in the sun!
Goals are good to have! Let's hope I can reach each of these in 2011.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Vera Bradley Colors

Every time I think I have my favorite VB print selected, she releases new colors and patterns that I love even more. Take this Bowler bag in Lemon Parfait for example. I love the yellow and gray combination. I'll take 1 please. Thank you.
How adorable is the new Eloise bag in Boysenberry? It is straight from the 1940s.
Do you have a Nook or Kindle? These make cute little covers for them. Blue Lagoon makes me want to be reading on the beach with a fruity drink. I have a cover like this for my iPad. It does a good job of hiding what I have in my purse or suitcase. Always hate to draw attention to the easily swiped $600 item. :)
Finally, the Mandy bag in the new Folkloric print! I like the colors on this one- has enough orange and green to stretch is beyond Spring.
All of these bags and more can be found at Vera Bradley's website or get many of them the next day from Zappos.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Heart

We sent our Valentine's this year to our friends, family, classmates, childcare workers, church greeters and favorite Starbucks barristas. I love this day because it is a chance to remember to thank those that you love.
So, thank you my blogger (and some IRL) friends who join my regularly for shopping, cooking, and crafts. I love sharing with you all, but find even more joy from learning and reading all the other blogs out there! You truly warm my heart!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2010 Digital Scrapbook

I have made many a traditional scrapbook and spent hours layering papers and stickers and cutting photos only to try and pick up the picture and move it a little to the left. I can be a little OCD about my scrapbooks! :)

For 2010, I made my first digital scrapbook and I.AM.NEVER.GOING.BACK. It was so much simpler, easier to clean up at the end (just shut the laptop down!), is a thinner and more professional finished product, and is so vibrant! I was giddy when it arrived in the mail!
I met my husband for lunch that day and we reflected back on the 80 pages that make up our daughter's second year of life. It was fun to watch her grow up page by page.
Ahh, summer! I am ready to go to the pool again!
Some pages are crazy busy and some are simple and let her sweet face capture your attention.
There are so many options- I own this set of papers and embellishments below and I can use them again and again. You could make a whole scrapbook of an event, like a baby shower, and use the same digital kit for the entire book.
I printed my photobook at Shutterfly. The leather outside binding is good quality and the pages are crisp and colorful.
Click here to see the options from Shutterfly. If you want to play, but not invest in software yet, they have templates for you to just drop your photos in. My book is 12x12, but they also have smaller options.

For more details on digital scrapbooking products I love, click here for a post from December 2010.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday's Foot Fetish: Wing Tip Flats

I used to always spend time shopping on J Jill's website and forgot about them until they suckered me back in with a new catalog featuring these cute wing tip shoes. I seriously need new grey shoes, too!
Need is probably not the right term... desire. want. could use. would wear.
You can find both pair here.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Favorite Hair and Makeup Products

I could talk about hair and make-up all day long! I have tried most every product out there and have my definite favorites in a few categories. I'm still searching in many others! Unfortunately, I've found you get what you pay for in most cases. Here are some of my favorites-

I read about Dior Black Out mascara on another blog about a year ago. The next time I was shopping on Nordstroms and needed to spend a little more to get free shipping I gave it a try. It is so worth it for special occasions. It is my date night mascara! My lashes rub against my glasses with this mascara- amazing!
I love the Clinique Blush Brush because it is easy to apply and travels well. The blush is in the lid- so you close the product and when you turn it to open it, the blush is placed on the brush. Super easy and get application. It also seems to last forever- I don't understand how!
I am certain I have bought every chapstick product on the market. This was another last minute addition for free shipping and I'm so glad I bought it. Hands down- the best chapstick there is! It goes on greasy and makes my lips really slick. I am part of the people waiting on the backordered product to come back. I miss my lip care stick!
Along with chapstick in the winter, you need a good moisturizing body wash. Olay Winter Indulgence is the best. It smells great and works! I buy this in bulk in the winter (Wal-Mart is the only place I can find it!) and try to make it last year round.

Time to talk nails... have you tried Shellac yet? It is amazing! It is a manicure system with the polish more gel like that is painted directly onto your nails. It takes about an hour and lasts more than 2 weeks. My nails didn't chip or fade.
The red at 19 days was still so shiny that it was reflective. The only difference you can see is the "roots" from my nails growing out. Learn more about Shellac manicures here.
I found a new line of nail polish with the most wonderful colors! Have you heard of Butter London? It is obviously a British company, but it is also "3 free"- it is free of three of the major chemicals found in other polishes. They have a new navy color out called- No More Waity Katie- honoring Kate Middleton. I love her!
You can buy all of these at Nordstroms.

Okay, lets talk hair. My hairdresser used Pureology products when I started with her 9 years ago. I loved all of the smells and once my grocery store started selling them, it made it easy! I use their volumizing system because I like big hair! I buy the big liter of shampoo and it is like getting the 3rd bottle free. I have used numerous products in their line and liked them all.
I don't flat iron my hair- it is flat and straight to begin with, but I do own a CHI product- the CHI professional ionic blowdryer. My hair dries quickly, it is light and quiet. I also couldn't help myself- it is RED!
Thanks for visiting- stay beautiful!