Saturday, January 30, 2010

Easy Teacher Gifts for Valentine's Day

Oh how I love making these blocks! Monday night I made them with some of my Sunday school friends at church and we had the best time! Hobby Lobby in three different area stores was sold out of blocks! They had to wonder what was going on!
This set is for one of my daughter's teachers at school. I love the red and pink combined and the hint of glitter. I'm telling you that glitter spray paint is the greatest invention in my craft room! Her other teacher is getting this set. My daughter loves to blow kisses complete with the big loud drawn out "mwah" sound. So, this one is oh so appropriate!The crackled paper and brown stained edging made these the perfect amount of vintage!

Next up, I want to make blocks with black and white pictures of my family! Can you think of anything else I should be "blocking"? Do share!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ETSYcetera- Birdies!

There are so many cute birdie things out there and with Spring coming (eventually!) I know we'll all be chirping with excitement! Here are some of my favorites from Etsy.
Cute labels to put on your packages, return on your envelopes or even with a "this book belongs to" purpose.

I am all about the fun brooches right now!

Cute farmhouse birdie towels

A fun necklace, or...

... a more refined one.

These would be so cute in a windowsill.

oh how I would love to go back in time and put this hat on my daughter.

Love these little birdie clips for a girl, big or little!

All of these items and hundreds more can be found searching BIRDIE. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pioneer Woman Cooks- Perfect Pound Cake

I made Pioneer Woman Cooks Perfect Pound Cake this week for an after dinner meeting with some friends and it is divine! The smell alone will cause you to flip it out of the Bundt pan and slice it before it has fully set. Don't you hate when that happens! This cake contains artifical butter flavoring- I had no idea that existed. Shocking that after 3 sticks of butter, you still need butter flavoring! It also has lemon extract and Sprite inside. Yummy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The United Colors of Accessories

I love colored accessories. I own lots of basic solid clothing and then make it fun with shoes and jewelry. That is my best piece of fashion advice- a cheap t-shirt paired with a big necklace can create a polished look for so much less. I love a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a bright bold necklace with brgiht bold shoes. Shoes and jewelry also carry across seasons and trends longer!
Because I can make my own jewelry, I have ended up with an excessive amount of it! This was my dresser drawer of necklaces. Every morning it would explode onto the dresser as I searched for the right piece to wear.

My sweet husband noticed my battle and when at Target this week he found me a jewelry chest for 75% off. This is my new jewelry all organized! I love it- I can open the drawers of the color combination I want and limit my options. My husband was shocked I filled the chest and that I own so many necklaces in the red/orange/pink family.
And, because I am certain someone will ask.... here are my color coded shoes. I have flip flops and dress shoes in another part of the closet. These are the most commonly worn shoes! Please tell me you all color code your jewelry and shoes also!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This and That = Cuteness

What do you get when you mix this cute little dress from etsy.... ... with these darling vintage cowby boots and ... this precious baby girl?
I'm hoping some really cute pictures!

I booked a local photographer I went to high school with who has access to a picturesque ranch outside Lampasas, Texas. Check out her site and click on my portfolio and the "women series". The pictures with this baby girl in front of them are destined to be frame worthy!

Now, I need your advice, should I try to give her a stick pony or a big cowboy hat or that that going too far? What about a big fluffy petticoat to go with her boots? If so, turquoise or yellow?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites

Kelly's Korner is hosting her Show Us Where You Live series and this week is focused on favorite places to shop. I do most of my shopping online and wanted to share my favorites. I shop online to save time, but also because I am an odd size- plus size (not much longer!) and petite- and I just find a better selection.

Retail Me Not is a site for people like me to share coupon codes! You simply enter the site you are shopping and then it will list any codes available for that site. You can see the deal, like Free Shipping, the expiration date, and the reliability factor as posted by people who tried to use the code.

Being Resourceful is a blog run by a friend of mine that lists great deals and links to coupons. I have saved tons of money just by using coupons on her site. She posts daily and often the deal is good for just that day. It is a great site to check each morning and an easy way to shop for Christmas presents year round.

4. Etsy and eBay for unique items

I can kill hours on etsy and feature my favorites on Etsyetera posts. Just click on the Etsyetera logo on the right to see past posts. I love storing my favorite sellers in my etsy account and seeing when they have new items listed. It is also a great place to get ideas and make your own projects.

I also buy and sell lots of items on eBay. One of my favorite things to shop for is items typically sold at "parties". There are always good deals when a demonstrator/stylist goes out of business. Think of all those parties- Pampered Chef, Stampin' Up, Creative Memories, Beijo Bags, Silpada Designs, Stella and Dot. You'll find so many of these items at great prices.

3. Expressionary and Paper Source for paper and office goods

Expressionary is a central Texas company so I get quick shipping! They run great sales. I recently bought Christmas address labels and had them personalized with my family's name so that I have gift labels ready to go for the next few years. All sales items after Christmas were 70% off. I also bought personalized stationary from them. They have great options for children's stationary and I love the happi line by Dena. Their entire site is almost always 30% off.

I found Paper Source a few years ago when I went to work for a major real estate company and downgraded from an office with a view to a cubicle. It was a hard transition for a decorator and I had to jazz up my office decor. Filing is much more fun in a pretty folder! I also think we all need these and these in our desk drawer.

They also have fun silly gifts for kids like these drinking straws I bought my niece and nephew!
2. Old Navy and Gap for clothing

I love any site where I can shop for myself, my husband and my daughter in one cart. Plus, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Piperlime Shoes and Athleta fitness clothing are all able to ship together for $7 flat! That saves me money!

Here are a few of my favorites on these sites right now:

Women's Ruffled cardigan from Old Navy, available in petite

and this baby girl dress from the Gap. I am a sucker for gingham!

1. Zappos for shoes and most everything else

I can't imagine buying shoes anywhere else. Zappos is like that car commercial where he wants a red car, under 50K miles, with a convertible. The site gives you so many options to just keep narrowing down to exactly what you want.

So, I searched for wedges, narrowed it down to shoes (not boots or sandals), picked my size, the color black and under $100. There were 262 options including these Keds. Love them! Zappos has more than just shoes- I bought this CHI blowdryer last month...... and this large casserole dish for our Thanksgiving feast. One of the best parts of Zappos is shipping and return shipping is always free! Once you buy a few items with them, you are a preferred VIP shopper and you will get free overnight shipping! I can buy shoes at night and they arrive the next day by noon. I can't get time etched out for the mall that quickly!

Two of my newest loves are Garnet Hill and Boden. I have yet to order from them, but have a wish list for both of these sites. I am certain I need this top and this jacket for the Spring.
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Never Say Never

I did something today that I swore I would never ever do.....
I bought skinny jeans! I know- me, skinny! ha!

I swore that I would let this fad go right by and not join in, but I want a pair of gray Ugg boots and those call for skinny jeans. And, I own a few longer tunic-like or billowy shirts that need a slimmer bottom. So, I did it. I went with a cheap pair from Old Navy because I am certain that I will hate them at home in my closet and they'll stay home.

If you know me in real life and see me in my skinny jeans, please try to use the word skinny when talking to me. I don't hear it often!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monogram Baby Blocks

I wanted to make more blocks for two new Mommas, but was short on time and blocks. So, this time around I just did the initials of the new baby girls and not the full alphabet. I think these will look so cute on a shelf or dresser in their little nurseries.
These blocks are for Rudy Jane (love her name!) and her shabby chic birdie nursery. I really rubbed these down in brown ink to age them well.
This set is for Sloane. I tried to use more paper I had in stock and opted for a more modern look with turquoise and orange for her.
I love the color orange right now (just not burnt orange!).If you want to make your own set of blocks, go here for my original how to post.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More Handmade Gifts

Is this not the most beautiful fabric? It is a Robin's egg blue with birdies, cherry blossoms and teapots. I thought it was perfect for another onesie dress. This dress is for a sweet baby due this Spring to be named Ruby Jane. We used the teapots as the main fabric and the butter yellow floral print for the border and the iron on letter.
These are really simple to make with the onesie cut just below the arms and the gathered fabric sewn directly onto the shirt. This printed dress is for another new baby girl born over the holidays.

I also decided to make ruffle shirts for these new babies and selected this fabric. The orange and white print is perfect for the Longhorn fans of new baby Sloane. And, the scalloped birdie print matches baby Rudy Jane's nursery.

Here is the finished project. I just love these shirts!
The ruffle shirts are onesies cut just above the leg holes with 1.5" of gathered fabric sewn along the bottom. It is a great girly edition to the standard t-shirt.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sweet Ruby Jane

Oh how I love that name- classic, Southern, sweet, sassy!

Sweet Ruby Jane's Momma asked for these invites to match her nursery- Tiffany blue, pink and shabby chic with a birdie. It was a request I could picture immediately.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine's Card Giveaway

I love my followers and I love making cards, so I hope you love this giveaway!
Become a follower of Your Little Birdie and I'll customize one of these Valentine's cards just for you! It'll come to you as a 4x6 JPG file you can print out anywhere you print pictures. Mail it to friends and family or you can post it on your blog. I'd love if you told your friends, too!
Email with your name and picture and which card you love:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage Fork Craft

I saw this super cute photo holder or recipe holder on a blog recently and went on the hunt for an old fork. I found one over the holidays and awaited the all important half-price Hobby Lobby sale to hit.
You simply need an 8x10 picture frame, piece of scrapbook paper or fabric, one fork, scissors, adhesive and pliers or similar tool.

I used these jewelry tools instead of pliers.

Bend your fork to create a cup that can hold your photo or recipe.

Insert the paper into frame and glue/tape the fork to the glass. You can easily change out the paper for the holidays or if you redecorate your kitchen since the fork is on the glass. I also think you could attach a spoon and knife and it would look just as cute.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Apparently, I know nothing...

Look at Natalie Portman's dress.... look closely?
Does it look like this dress I just blogged about as being tacky? Yep, she wore the $39.99 dress from Target to a premeire this week that my friend Alison modeled just last week. I guess I know nothing about fashion!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Master Bathroom Mirror Upgrade

I have been waiting months to upgrade our bathroom mirrors. We framed out our master bath mirrors in our old home and it made such a difference! I highly recommend making the change- it is little money for a big bang.

Here is our before picture- it is the standard mirror that comes with your home.
Here is the after! And, the after of my husband's sink.

A close up of the rich wood frame. This is the most cost effective way I know to get the look-

Buy frames you like from any store. I bought ours at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off.

Take your mirrors down and take them along with your frames to any glass store. They will cut your mirror down to fit inside your frames. I used Binswanger that charges $10 per cut. Each mirror was $20 or 2 cuts.

Take the cut mirror and frame back to the store where you bought the frame (we went back to Hobby Lobby) and have them give it the proper finish- backing, hangers, etc.

Hang your new mirror! We used 150 lb. picture holders since they are heavy.

I know you can also glue painted/stained molding to your existing mirror or buy a mirror already framed. Lots of ideas for a big bathroom impact.