Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If I Had One Million Dollars...

Holly Mathis would come decorate my house and I'd have this rustic Americana back porch, lighting, landscaping, chairs, table and light fixtures.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Car Monogram

Has anyone seen this around town? You can add a monogram to your car! I've only seen them online, but liked them so I made the purchase. Now that it is on my car, I question if it is cheesy... thoughts?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tex Mex Ravioli

Look at this cheesy casserole of goodness! I love cilantro and you can really taste it in this Tex Mex Ravioli. It is simple to make- a layered mix of cheese, corn, black beans, salsa, chicken, ravioli, cilantro and green onions.
This recipe came from a MOPS cookbook given to me from my IRL friend Alison and came from her friend Stacey Hoffmann. I made a few changes.

Tex Mex Ravioli

2 cans chopped chicken
16 oz. jar mild salsa
2- 10 3/4 oz. cans tomato puree
28 oz. frozen cheese ravioli
1/2 t cumin
2- 19 oz. cans black beans, drained and rinsed
1/2 bag frozen corn
1/2 c chopped cilantro
1 bunch chopped green onions
2 c shredded cheddar
1 c shredded Jack cheese

Mix salsa, tomato puree, and cumin.

Spray a 13x9 (or 2 small square) Pyrex dishes with Pam. Place 1 c. of salsa on bottom of dish. Top dish evenly with cheese ravioli. Top with chicken, black beans, corn, cilantro and green onions. Top with remaining salsa mixture. Top with cheese.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes covered with foil. Bake 5-10 minutes uncovered.


Friday, April 23, 2010

30% Off Code for Kate Spade

Look at what an awesome deal came to my Inbox today! You too can get 30% off at Kate Spade through tomorrow. It includes the $300 clearance dress I love! These bracelets are so fun- they have fat ones and skinny ones, stripes and polka dots and even simple solids!
Of course, Kate Spade has handbags! They have some fun summer bags like these two.

Oh, and don't forget the accessories. Love the lime coin purse!

Just to be clear, I am not affiliated with Kate Spade. I don't make anything if you buy something. I am just sharing an email I received. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clothe Yourself With...

I saw this picture recently on etsy and decided I could make myself one! Here it is- perfect to hang in my closet above the hamper! What an awesome reminder of what God looks for in your appearance each day. I started by picking out 5 pieces of scrapbook paper from my stock.
I then painted a 8" x 14" canvas with a light yellow Ceramcoat paint. Three coats got it done!

Next I create my template. Using just an old scrap of purple paper, I made one big dress and then cut it into 5 layers. I scalloped the bottoms of each layer and numbered them 1-5. Just make your dress a little longer than you want so that when you cut layers and then overlay them you'll have the size you want.

I then laid my papers on the canvas made sure I liked them and started laying them down with modge podge. You can see where the "wet" parts are.I put a thin layer on the back and a thicker layer across the top and got my dress in place.

Next, I modge podged Colossians 3:12 in layers on my dress. Next up, I used my 1 3/8 inch circle punch and cut out a bunch of circle and then cut them in half.
Then modge podge the half circles around the edge. I recommend doing the top and bottom and then the sides. It will make sure that your corners match up.

To cover your straight or not so straight edges of the circles, line all 4 edges with ribbon. I put them down with modge podge and held the edges intact with Zots.

Finishing touches- Col 3:12 with marker, use Zots to add a bow, flower and button and spray everything with glitter spray paint!

Voila! The left one is mine and the right one is my friend Andrea's birthday present!
This was an easy and very rewarding project. Make yourself one!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If I Had One Million Dollars...

This dress would be mine! She is over $300 on clearance from kate spade. Let's not forget for this one I would need to be rich and skinny because she doesn't come in my size! In case you are a millionare, here she is!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Queen Bed is Younger than my Parents!

Did you know married couple didn't sleep on a queen bed until the 1960's? I know this because I've been dreaming of an antique rod iron ed for my guest bedroom and discovered only twin and full at antique shoes, garage sales, and online.

So, I decided to buy a new bed and will attempt to make it look old. I bought this bed in white (the fun colors are reserved for twin!) and Rustoleum Cardinal Red spray paint. You can buy it in twin, full or queen; with a headboard only or headboard, footboard, and frame; and it comes in white, red, blue, yellow and green! With free shipping, I am SOLD!My poor gesutbedroom had really become the hand-me-down room with furniture and bedding we had used 10 years ago. I'm so excited to spruce it up and will share it all with you in the next few weeks.
I seriously contemplated buying this headboard? Can you tell it is a wall decal sold at Etsy? There are lots of options on their site and lots of styles and colors. I think it would be great for a small room because it gives the illusion of a headboard and takes up no space at all. My husband ultimately vetoed the idea because you enter this room at the head of the bed and it would be really obvious. Perfect for a room where you enter at the foot of the bed.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Teacher Gifts

I love my daughter's teachers at school and am always giving them little treats! Many of the items crafted on this blog can be inexpensive and personalized gifts for your children's teachers.

Take the idea of these beaded baby spoons and carry it over to the adult version- serving pieces! Buy an inexpensive serving set at your local Target and pick up some colorful beads at Hobby Lobby. These are sold for big bucks at all of the local boutiques. You could be a punch ladle, salad pieces, tongs, you name it!Don't forget to use your digital scrapbooking files to make notepads, stationary or take home cards. These would be wonderful for a teacher. I know I would love fancy notepads to send sweet notes home with my students- "From the Desk of Ms. Jenk". Another easy one with male teachers!
Remember this Our Family Rules board my friend Melanie made for me? How cute would it be in a classroom! To gift it to a teacher, I would purchase the frame, spray paint the glass with chalkboard paint, and give it to her/him with a chalk marker so they can establish their own rules.
I actually made these blocks for my daughter's teachers for Valentine's Day this year. I would totally recreate them with the teacher's name for an end of the year gift. Do them in colors that match their room or age group! These could even work for a male teacher. They'd be treasured on their desk or a bookcase for years to come!
Of course there is the ever popular posie pins I blogged about this week! These would be inexpensive, could be tailored to her taste, and you could even do two matching pins with hair clips that she can clip onto flip flops. Throw in a $5 Old Navy gift certificate and she can buy a pair herself! If you are totally non-crafty, my teacher friends always brag on the parents that give them gift certificates, especially to local restaurants. I couldn't be a teacher because going out to lunch is one of my favorite parts of the day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Origami Posie Pins

My friend Holly is a one crafting chica! She makes posie pins and I had dinner with her and learned how recently. There are lots of posie pins out there and lots of ways to make them. These are origami-style made with folding fabric and hot glue. Super easy to do! You start with a series of fabric cut into circles. The largest circle should be cut 7 inches. One-fourth a yard of fabric is 9" so you can buy that amount at the store. Your inner flower should be cut 6" round. The backing on the pin is sturdy felt found at Hobby Lobby and is cut 2.5". The button is for fun!

Start with your big circle, place a small dot of hot glue in the middle of the backside. Lift an edge of the circle and press it into the glue like you see below.

You continue to place hot glue in the same spot and fold your fabric over and glue it down like this.

This is the finished large posie.

Repeat that process with your smaller circle and hot glue your button in the middle covering your raw edges.

If want to add a leaf, cut it out with another fun fabric and give it a study felt backing. My leaf was 3.5 inches long.

Hot glue your small flower (with the button) on top of the large flower and flip it over. Hot glue your leaf to the back and then glue your felt circle on the back. You can now add your pin or hair clip to the back. These are at Hobby Lobby also.

Wah Lah! A super cute and easy posie pin. Uses fabric scraps, spare buttons and these will cost you less than $1 for the felt and pin/clip backing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

If I Had One Million Dollars...

My budget and my wish list don't always add up, so from time to time I'll feature high end items that I would own if my budget would allow, like this $900 Coach Ella bag. Isn't she lovely?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

ETSYcetera- Labels

I love playing with paper- stickers, Sharpie pens, stationary, cardstock, scrapbook papers! You name it- I cut and paste with the best of them. Labels have come so far from the white rectangles Avery makes for Office Depot. Look at some of these options on Etsy.
Share a book or just mark it as your own with these adorable bookplates. Stick them right inside the front cover. There are options galor with these- fun colors, classy subdued colors, from butterflies to bicycles. I bet you could even customize to read: "This belongs to:" and your name. Leaving book out of it, this could be stuck to all kinds of stuff!
Everything that enters my daughter's classroom at school must have her name on it- that is sippy cups, bowls, spoons, tupperware, bibs, backpack, etc. It is maddening how much stuff goes to school each morning (and has to be washed each night!). So, I found these dishwasher safe labels on etsy and have been using them. Super cute in pink argyle!

These little birdie scalloped tags would be perfect gift tags. I would put "Given with Love" on the top and "The Jenk Family" on the bottom. Then you can buy a roll of cute pastel plaid paper and have these ready to go. They aren't sticky, but a piece of tape on the back will fix that. They are $5 for 25 tags.

I love the finishing touches on a present or a thank you note, so of course I love cute address labels. Look at these, just $14.00 for 24 labels and you custom pick the members of your family, the color, etc. How sweet would these be for a new baby in the family on announcements?
With over 17,000 labels on Etsy, I'm betting you'll find a set you can't live without!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Strawberry Pecan Bread

Last weekend, my husband daughter and I went to a local farm to pick strawberries. They start out like this ...
then these come along...

and when you pick them, wash them, and slice them...

you can make this yummy strawberry pecan bread!

Strawberry Pecan Bread

3 cups flour
2 cups sugar
2 t cinnamon
1 t baking soda
1 t salt
20 ounces fresh or frozen strawberries
1/4 cup vegetable oil
4 eggs, well beaten
1 1/4 cup pecans, chopped
Mix together flour, sugar, cinnamon, soda and salt. Make a well in the center and add strawberries, oil and eggs. Mix until well blended. Stir in pecans. Pour into 2 well greased loaf pans and make at 350 for 1 hour. Enjoy!
This berry sweet girl sure will!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Blog Headers

I have been using my digital scrapbooking software to create my own blog designs for quite a while. I've been using the software on my family blog and need to transfer it to this blog! In the meantime I wanted to share some recent designs for myself and friends! This is my current family blog- I love the pennants!
This is my girlfriend Billye and her fun new header.

And, this is Alison and her family's blog. I love the bumblebees!